This is a sampling of previous student projects.  

REU POSTER - Re-evolve the laboratory adaptation C. elegans strain N2’s solitary behaviorREU POSTER - Eukaryotic Pathogens in the ChattahoocheREU Poster - Microbial warfare on chitin surfaces: The Type VI secretion system of Vibrio choleraeREU Poster - Proposal for Identifying Sex Pheromones in the Copepod Temora longicornisEffect of Low Arsenic Concentrations on Iron Reducing Bacteria, Shewanella, in Anaerobic EnvironmentsAdsorption of Multi-Metals on Mn-Oxide (δ-MnO2)Understanding intra-species competition of Pseudomonas aeruginosaCopepod's Behavioral Response to Turbulent FluidREU Poster - Metabolite and microbial composition drivers during a Florida Red Tide bloomREU POSTER - Exploration of the effects of habitat fragmentation on species diversity, community assembly, and ecosystem functions